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Best Bounce House Reviews: Because not all jump houses are created equal!


Best Bounce House Reviews

There was a time when a child's birthday party consisted of a sheet cake and ice cream. Not today! Today's parties include elaborate decorations, 3-D cakes, gifts for the guests, games, and much more, including the always important bouncy house or jumpy castle.

Best Bounce House Reviews

Whether you have children or not, you have, undoubtedly, come across a bounce house. A large inflatable structure that resembles a mattress made of nylon, rubber, or vinyl. Moonwalks can be found in a variety of shapes, and for children of all ages. While some are simple, others resemble castles, pirate ships, slides, and more. To maintain their shape, air is constantly being blown into them to keep from deflating while being used.
​In addition to birthday parties, they are frequently set up at school carnivals, county fairs, and any other event where children are certain to be. In fact, some families have a bounce house (occasionally called bouncer by toddlers) at home to keep the kids occupied. If you are currently considering purchasing a bounce house, you may be surprised by the large number to choose from.

Let's review three of the top rated bounce houses on the market and decide which one is the best: 

Little Tykes Shady Jump N Slide Bouncer

Shady Jump n Slide Bouncer

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Founded in 1970, Little Tykes has been a manufacturer of quality children’s toys for decades. The Shady Jump N Slide is no exception. Designed with an arching shade canopy to protect children from the sun, this bouncer features an area for bouncing, as well as a small slide that makes it easy for children to get off. Mesh doors include hook and loop closures for safety and to allow parents the opportunity to control the fun from outside. There are side mesh pockets intended to store shoes while the kids play, but most likely shoes will be strewn all over the yard. While it is built from a puncture resistant material, it does include a repair kit for emergencies. The purchase includes a storage bag, heavy duty blower for continuous inflation, and stakes to anchor it in place.It is intended for ages 3 and up, though younger children, with an adult close by, are often found bouncing without a care in the world.

Looking at reviews left by previous purchasers, this is a quality bouncer that is worth the cost.

Comments frequently include “My kids loved it!” and “Great place for kids and toddlers to release some energy.” Reviewers also spoke highly about the ease of setup and takedown, as well as how quickly it could be done, usually around 5 minutes. While some reviewers found the blower to be quiet, others deemed it slightly too loud, though many pointed out the noise level seemed to fade as the day went by. It’s worth noting that many parents opt to set this up indoors, if room allows, for their children on cold or rainy days to help burn off extra energy. Overall, it is a high-quality bounce house that is worth the cost of slightly less than $300.

Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable Moonwalk

Big Ol Bouncer for Sale

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Made by Blast Zone, a company that manufactures the strongest inflatables in the industry, the Big Ol Bouncer is larger than most 8 x 8 bouncy houses. It measures 15L x 12W x 7H and can hold up to 600 pounds, giving more children the chance to bounce at the same time. Fully enclosed by safety netting, it, also, has a small slide for children to easily down. Designed for durability, it is reinforced with polyester oxford and commercial vinyl. For less than $400, you can purchase the bouncer, a carrying case, blower, and stakes for the bouncer and blower.

Also meant for those between the ages of 3 and 10, it receives rave reviews from past buyers. Comments include “great product, worth the investment” and “It’s bigger and better than I expected. The kids love it.” In addition, the setup is simple and takes only a matter of seconds, according to many reviewers. Takedown is also a breeze and, according to those that own the Big Ol Bouncer, it is actually fits in the carrying case, unlike many other bouncy houses. Overall, it is an excellent product that gets high marks for its size and durability.

Aqua Sports Technology Racing Slide And Slam Bounce House

Racing Slide and Slam Bounce House

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Made by Island Hoppers, this bouncy house gives children the opportunity to play an exciting game of basketball, complete with dunking. However, it is also perfect just for jumping or sliding down the side-by-side slides. Constructed with heavy vinyl and nylon, this is a durable bounce house that can withstand some serious jumping. In addition, it’s puncture and fire resistant. The mesh safety netting makes it very easy for adults to keep an eye on children playing inside. Priced at around $550, it includes an oversized carry bag, air blower with GFCI circuit breaker, anchor stakes, and a repair kit for emergencies.

The Racing Side and Slam is a favorite among most reviewers, while others believe the name is misleading because it cannot be used with water. Most reviewer comments include “My kids love it. They can jump for hours.” and “At 7 ft. tall, it can fit in the house on rainy days when the kids are way too hyper and need to blow off energy.” Setup and takedown are complimented for being “easy and done in a few minutes.” Overall, it is a great option, particularly because it gives you the chance to play basketball in addition to jumping.

Which top rated bounce house gets the best overall rating?

After comparing the three bouncers with the best bounce house reviews, it is difficult to determine which is best. All are fun, durable, and easy to setup and takedown. However, after careful thought, the best one is the Little Tykes Shady Jump N Slide. What puts it ahead of the others? Simple, the shade and protection from the sun that it offers. Bouncy houses can get hot quickly and the shade can be quite beneficial for children. Regardless of which one you choose, you can be certain it will result in hours of entertainment.